Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday night dinner with friends

So, tonight is the last night my boyfriend is visiting from we invited a couple of mutual friends over for dinner! The menu I am making consists of brisket, honey glazed carrots, and garlic and rosemary red potatoes.

I'm using this brisket recipe, following it almost exactly:
My modifications: I used thai sweet garlic chili sauce instead of the heinz she used. I probably used a third as much as the recipe calls for, since this is a much spicier alternative. I also sprinkled on a little garlic powder in addition to the fresh because...there is always room for more galic. After two hours of cooking, I take it out of the oven and slice it and put it back in, so the slices of brisket can absorb the sauce.

I'm testing out this carrot recipe:,1650,130177-244195,00.html
I'm modifying it by using olive oil instead of butter because I'm cooking for someone with a dairy allergy.

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